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PLIDCO Authorizes Six International Partners to Serve as Refurbishment Centers

By November 30, 2022 No Comments

Enables Customers to Quickly and Cost-Effectively Extend the Life of their PLIDCO Products

CLEVELAND, Ohio – November 30, 2022 – The Pipe Line Development Company (PLIDCO), the leader in pipeline leak repair and maintenance fittings, announced that it has approved six international partners to serve as Authorized Refurbishing Service Centers (ARSCs). PLIDCO recently established ARSCs with its partners in Brunei, Canada, Colombia, Indonesia, Singapore and Qatar.

The new ARSCs are strategically located near PLIDCO’s customers, which reduces turnaround, shipping time and costs. This allows them to extend the life of their PLIDCO pipeline repair fittings more quickly and cost effectively. Previously, certified refurbishment could only be conducted at PLIDCO’s facility in the U.S.

During refurbishment, products will receive sandblasting, seal replacement, fresh paint, and new PLIDCO-certified parts, such as nuts and studs. The ARSCs employ certified technicians who are fully trained at PLIDCO’s U.S. factory to properly conduct refurbishments and provide excellent customer service.

“PLIDCO products are engineered to last a very long time under extremely harsh conditions. With proper refurbishment, most of our pipeline fittings can have a second life or more, provided that they haven’t been welded directly to a pipeline,” said Ernie Lackner, PLIDCO’s director of sales and marketing. “The global refurbishment centers were established in direct response to our customers’ requests, and we expect to establish more ARSCs in the future.”

In addition to refurbishment, PLIDCO fittings can be completely reconditioned. This must be conducted at PLIDCO’s U.S. facility and includes refurbishment services, plus repairs and hydro testing. All reconditioned pipeline fittings receive a new five-year limited warranty, the only such warranty provided in the pipeline industry.


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