Safe, Bolt-On Fix for Leaking Pipelines

Does your line have a leak? PLIDCO Split+Sleeves are repair fittings that can be used to seal leaks caused by corrosion or damage on onshore and subsea. These are easy and safe to install, bolt-on fittings that stop the leak once the fitting is properly torqued.

For a permanent repair, the fitting can be welded to the pipeline while it is under flow. Fittings not welded to the line can be removed, reconditioned and returned to the customer’s safety stock.

Fittings are tested to 1.5x the design pressure. Steel GirderRings prevent displacement and damage of packing during installation. Stock fitting working pressure starts at 1000maop, higher working pressures and various lengths are available. Custom emergency repair fittings are an option when a stock fitting is not applicable.

Wondering why customers trust us? We are the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a 5-year limited warranty on our pipeline repair products.

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Split+Sleeve Installation for Pipeline Repair Video:

PLIDCO Split+Repair fittings come in numerous configurations, including the Elbow (Ell), Tee, and Cross. All custom designed to repair curved pipeline sections and pipeline joints.

Split+Sleeve Seal Replacement for Pipeline Repair Video:

Split sleeve, split fitting seal replacement for pipeline repairs by PLIDCO.

PLIDCO Offshore

Pipeline repair and maintenance products for faster, safer, easier offshore repairs.

PLIDCO pioneered wet technology using mechanical fittings for the repair and maintenance of subsea pipelines worldwide. PLIDCO fittings are designed for fast, simple installation and take less time than conventional weld-on types of fittings. They are used to seal pipeline leaks, reinforce thin or weakened pipe walls and make subsea tie-ins to existing pipelines at depths suitable for diving. Repairs can be made safely without shut down or with minimum downtime, which avoids costly production losses. Fittings can be welded if specified.

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