Simple, Sensible Solution for High-Pressure Pit-Holes

Fighting a high-pressure pit-hole? PLIDCO’s Smith+Clamp is light-weight and easy to handle, which makes using it to shut-off high-pressure pit-hole leaks simple and sensible. Our exclusive pilot pin makes it possible to locate pit-hole leaks, even when these aren’t visible.

The Smith+Clamp is your repair solution in dark spaces or on submerged lines. Its force screw exerts pressure directly on the sealing cone, rather than applying force with the draw bolts, reducing the danger of a corroded pipe collapsing. Our solution can be used while the pipeline is in service. It is available in standard sizes 0.5” through 48”; 2000 MAOP. Custom sizes available upon request. See the PLIDCO Weld+Cap to make the repair permanent.

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Smith+Clamp for Pipeline Repairs Video

The PLIDCO Smith+Clamp is designed to shut off high-pressure pit-hole leaks when making pipeline repairs. The pilot pin helps locate the hole in hard to see locations.

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