Holding Power:
Counteracts End Pull, Axial Stress

Unusual axial stresses? The solution is a PLIDCO Clamp+Sleeve. It grips the outside wall of the pipe to counteract extraordinary end-pull, as well as any unusual axial stresses that are often encountered in off-shore installations.

PLIDCO Clamp+Sleeves provide exceptional holding power that minimizes the danger of caving in damaged pipe. Our steel GirderRings hold the packing securely in place during installation, assuring a gas-tight, liquid-tight seal.

Clamp+Sleeves are custom manufactured to your size, length and working pressure specifications. These can be designed for welding or non-welding applications. The sleeve can also be reconditioned and used again if not welded. Our Clamp+Sleeve is designed to ASME code section Vlll and meets the intent of API 6H/6X.

Wondering why customers trust us? We are the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a 5-year limited warranty on our pipeline repair products.

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Crimson Midstream, LLC needed to repair a buckled pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico’s South Marsh Island Area Block 59. The deflection in the 10-inch crude oil pipeline was discovered during an in-line inspection.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) required the pipeline to be structurally reinforced due to its weakened cross section. Chet Morrison Contractors, LLC (Morrison) was hired to repair the damaged line and tasked Chapman Consulting with sourcing a custom fitting that included 3D scanning, engineering and drafting services.

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PLIDCO Offshore

Pipeline repair and maintenance products for faster, safer, easier offshore repairs.

PLIDCO pioneered wet technology using mechanical fittings for the repair and maintenance of subsea pipelines worldwide. PLIDCO fittings are designed for fast, simple installation and take less time than conventional weld-on types of fittings. They are used to seal pipeline leaks, reinforce thin or weakened pipe walls and make subsea tie-ins to existing pipelines at depths suitable for diving. Repairs can be made safely without shut down or with minimum downtime, which avoids costly production losses. Fittings can be welded if specified.

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