Gripping Power, Designed for Strength

Excessive end-pull or compression loading? The solution is PLIDCO Clamp+Rings in conjunction with PLIDCO Weld+Ends, PLIDCO Split+Sleeves or other fittings. These are designed and constructed to achieve tremendous gripping power, greatly reducing the danger of caving in or distorting the pipe during pipeline repairs and maintenance.

PLIDCO Clamp+Rings can be designed for any combination of hydrostatic force, internal forces and external forces. These can be used temporarily or permanently, as well as reconditioned and re-used. Clamp+Rings are sold as a complete set, including the thru bolts to connect the couplings.

Wondering why customers trust us? We are the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a 5-year limited warranty on our pipeline repair products.

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