High quality pipeline repair and maintenance fittings

PLIDCO has been manufacturing high quality pipeline repair and maintenance fittings for over 70 years.  Fittings in our product line include: Clamp+Rings, Clamp+Sleeve, Custom Fittings, Flange Repair+Ring, Flange Repair Split+Sleeve, Reconditioning Services, Sole+Mates, Split+Repair Tee, Split+Repair Elbow, Split+Repair Cross, Split+Sleeve, Smith+Clamp, Weld+Cap and many more. Find the product group you are looking for to see more details.


Use with another PLIDCO fitting to counteract end-pull or compression loading


Couples, Seals, Reinforces & Counteracts axial stresses

Flange+Repair Ring

Seals leaking gasket on the outside diameter of the flange set

Flange Repair Split+Sleeve

Stops leaking flange sets by sealing on the pipe beyond the flange weld


Turns a Smith+Clamp into a permanent repair


Reinforces corroded, dented, or damaged pipelines

Split+Repair Tee/Elbow/Cross

Seals pipeline leaks safely with bolt on fittings


Top Selling leak repair product


Plugs pit-hole leaks

Custom Fittings

Made to your specifications

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