Safe, Reliable Repairs and No Pipeline Interruptions

Did you know pipeline shutdowns can be avoided when making repairs?  PLIDCO’s Shear+Plug offers a safe and reliable way by providing positive metal-to-metal contact with a channel to hold an injected sealant. It offers a positive plug-off technique that seals against high pressure and high temperatures.

A double-acting hydraulic cylinder accomplishes the shear through and positions the blind plate. No shell cutter is used to enter the pipe. The coupon is pushed into a receptacle housing for easy, complete retrieval.

Our Shear+Plug is available in pipe sizes .75” through 16”. These are designed using ASME Section VIII, Division 1. Systems for handling higher pressures, higher temperatures and larger sizes can be specially designed and manufactured. We can price quote these on request.

Wondering why customers trust us? We are the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a 5-year limited warranty on our pipeline repair products.


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Shear+Plug for Pipeline Repairs Video

PLIDCO Shear+Plug offers a solution when other pipeline stop repairs can’t be used. It plugs high pressure, high temperature pipelines with no service interruptions.

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