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Need a fast solution to pipeline repair? PLIDCO’s Hot Tapping+Saddles are easily and safely installed. Steel GirderRings hold seals in place to protect from damage and displacement during installation.

When used for plugging operations, PLIDCO Hot Tapping+Saddles are designed to include clamping areas to restrict movement of the fitting when setting the plug. Installation is quick; bolt it on according to the torque specifications, assemble tapping equipment, perform a hydrotest and proceed with the operation.

When conditions are favorable, our Hot Tapping+Saddles can be permanently welded to the pipeline. These are designed to ASME code section VIII and meet the intent of API 6H/6X to make branch connections on existing pipelines or for plugging operations without welding. Better yet, it can be reclaimed, reconditioned and used again if not welded to the pipeline.

Wondering why customers trust us? We are the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a 5-year limited warranty on our pipeline repair products.

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