Quickly Applied Pipeline Connections

Need to connect two pipes quickly and securely? PLIDCO Weld+Ends Coupling is a safe and quick way to connect pipes that contain crude oil, gasoline, LNG, jet fuel, asphalt, steam, chemical processes and other substances, so that pipe flow resumes immediately.

No special preparation of pipe ends is required with our Weld+Ends Coupling. Just cut the pipe and slide it on. Once the clamping and thrust screws are fully torqued, the pipe is joined and leakproof seals are engaged.

Our Weld+Ends Coupling is completely secure with screws torqued only or it can be welded depending on the MAOP of the Pipe Not Anchored* or Pipe Anchored** rating needed. Refer to the chart in the installation instructions for recommended Anchored and Unanchored pressures, as well as welding instructions. If welding is required, the pipeline can remain flowing.

Weld+Ends Couplings have a single row of clamping screws at each end. Where excessive end-pull loads are an issue and it is not feasible to weld, additional rows of clamping screws can be provided or a PLIDCO Clamp+Ring can be applied.

This coupling is available in standard sizes from 1-1/2” through 48”. Special sizes, diameters, pressures and lengths can be designed to customer specifications. Buna-N packing/seal material is standard, and others are available based on temperature and what is running through the line.

*PIPE NOT ANCHORED: A joint in which the pipe ends could move when subjected to internal or external forces (i.e., internal pressure, temperature expansion and contraction, underwater currents, ground movement or any combination thereof). Working pressure for “Pipe Not Anchored”: sizes 1-1/2” thru 3” is based on wall thickness of Schedule 80 pipe and heavier; 4” and larger, on wall thickness of Schedule 40 or 1/2”, whichever is less.

**PIPE ANCHORED: A joint in which the pipe ends would not move when subjected to these same forces. If our Weld+Ends Coupling is welded or a suitable PLIDCO Clamp+Ring is used, it is considered an anchored joint.

Wondering why customers trust us? We are the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a 5-year limited warranty on our pipeline repair products.

Learn about PLIDCO’s seal options.

Weld+Ends Coupling Installation for Pipeline Repairs Video

See how to install a PLIDCO Weld+Ends Coupling, as our connectors join pipelines quickly onshore and subsea without special pipe-end preparation.

Weld End Packing Seal Replacement for Pipelines Video

See how PLIDCO Weld+Ends Coupling joins pipelines quickly without special pipe-end preparation. Our connectors can be used for repairs onshore and sub-sea.

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