A long history of strength in repair

What’s the right connector fitting? The PLIDCO Flange, Riser Weld+Ends, Weld+Ends and the Power+Grip are all used in different applications to couple pipes.

The PLIDCO Weld+End was the first product ever offered by The Pipe Line Development Company when we opened our doors in 1949.  Since then we’ve researched, developed and manufactured numerous connector products to aid in emergency pipeline repairs around the world.

Our sales technicians can assist you in finding the correct repair fitting.

Wondering why customers trust us? We are the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a 5-year limited warranty on our pipeline repair products.


Installs easily, safely in
hard to reach places


Replaces underwater risers
safely, easily, reliably

Riser Weld+Ends

Avoids underwater welding


Connects pipes quickly, safely that contain volatile liquids

Custom Fittings

Made to your specifications

Can’t find the right pipeline repair product or fitting?

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